Cumbria Crystal 2010–2015

Katy Holford enjoyed what became a seminal period for Cumbria Crystal whilst designing and working as their CEO. Cumbria Crystal were the sole remaining factory hand making full lead crystal in the UK. In her role as Creative and Managing Director she guided the company to develop their future not only producing contemporary designs for the luxury market but also sustaining and developing a unique craft manufacturing community within the UK in as ethical and eco friendly way as possible - taking the company from decline to recovery and to become the leading English Crystal Brand in a global luxury market.

I believe in designing beautiful pieces for the home that are produced ethically within a sustainable environment. I believe that it is possible to build and support sustainable craft businesses both locally in the UK, Europe and globally, and where craft skills will be lost if they are not used and developed to sustain both culture and community.


The Walpole British Luxury Awards, 2015

© Kathryn M Holford, 2015