Award winning glass sculpture

In Katy Holford's own words:

Making sculpture is an intensely personal and emotional process for me. Objects hold so much energetically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I want to communicate these subtleties through colour, form and qualities of surface treatment; developing an aesthetic vocabulary to produce pieces that speak to the viewer on many different levels and which I hope will inspire emotional and spiritual responses as well as responses to the aesthetics of the pieces.

I work with Bob Crooks when making my blown work. I have been working with Bob for the last 16 years, and we have built up a challenging, sensitive and respectful relationship. I work directly with him in his studio in Devon. His glass making skills are exceptional, and there is an extraordinary communication between us. He always seems to understand what I want to achieve and manages to produce the pieces exactly as I had imagined them even if at the beginning of the process neither of us knows how we will get there, and we often have different ideas of how to technically achieve the effects and qualities I need. So it is always a fascinating time full of learning and excitement.

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